If you've been to one of my shows, you may have noticed there are many white tigers. 

A white tiger blanket. 

A white tiger that I give away (#glockatiger).
White tigers at the merch table.

While I was a student at the École Normale de Musique in Paris, I had a four-hands duet piano partner from South Korea named Ahrum. We worked together one semester and had to learn Francis Poulenc's Sonata for Four Hands together and perform it in front of a jury. Before the exam, Ahrum gave me my very first white tiger. It was a small white plastic figurine bought in Paris, made in Germany. She handed it to me and told me it was a symbol of good luck and strength in Korea. We passed our exam without hestiation from the jury. 

Since then, I myself have collected many white tigers and have made it my mission to spread strength and good luck all around the world. There are dozens of glockatigers I have handed out to fans throughout Europe and North America. 

Hopefully, one day, there will be at least one on every continent.