Thursday, August 6, 2015

"High fructose pop keys and hypnotizing, undulating rhythm" says Speak Into My Goodeye

A review of my Wolf BBQ EP from "Speak Into My Goodeye."

"It’s not too often that something comes across the desk (laptop) that leaps out and grabs you as soon as you hit play. That distinction has been undeniably bestowed upon NYC-based synth-punk artist Glockabelle over the years... (her) eccentric sound can be traced back to the rather unique circumstances of her upbringing. Born to Francophone parents, Cazes possesses the ability to sing in both French and English harnessing that fact to convey and have ideas or themes land that might otherwise not be possible by barriers presented by either language. She then furthered her aesthetic by experimenting with her classical trained piano background and Casio VL-Tones.“Wolf BBQ” features high fructose pop keys and hypnotizing, undulating rhythms. Not unlike what Julian Casablancas tried to achieve with his debut album with The Voidz. Where he may have let the focus slip into over saturation of a singular idea, Glockabelle keeps you guessing."

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