Tuesday, May 2, 2023



It was 2006 and I was living in an artist's studio in the 14th arrondissement in Paris. My studio was all white: white sheets, white carpet, white walls. One day, a neighbor commented to me: "Your room is all white but you always dress in black. It's like you are trying to imitate the keys of your piano." She was onto something.

It was in this same studio that I borrowed my first Casio VL-Tone from a neighbor and experimented with my first set of thimbles. I was a classical pianist and was be
ginning to go through my classical rebellion. So I started translating my technique into something my own and decided to abandon the ivories for calculator buttons and metallic pling.

Some of the pieces on this album are by classical greats you might recognize: Bach, Haydn, Debussy. The rest are by me: Bhangrian - a piece inspired by Indian classical music, Gliss Gliss Underwood - a piece inspired by the prepared piano music of John Cage and percussion of Harry Partch and Hommage au Fromage - a piano trio for violin, cello and piano which musically portrays a cat, a mouse and a piece of cheese.

I hope you enjoy.

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